Making online lending investments safe, simple and flexible.

Time deposits

At Lending Deposit's time deposit product, you get up to 5% annual interest paid monthly, very high security for your assets, as well as full flexibility to manage your interest income stream to your exact requirements.

  • Attractive, fixed interest rates

    Attractive, fixed interest rates

    Lending Deposit guarantees fixed annual interest rates of between 2 and 5%, paid monthly.

  • Very high security

    Very high security

    We safeguard your assets with our equity and a transparent, highly diversified portfolio of lending assets.

  • Full flexibility

    Full flexibility

    Select your own investment horizon between 3 months and 5 years with the respective interest rates that suit your needs.

Investment management

Online lending advice and portfolio management services for HNWIs, family offices and other institutional investors. We provide insights and make marketplace lending investments hassle-free.

  • Investment strategy

    Independent, unbiased advice helps you define your investment strategy. Our in-depth knowledge of platforms ensures you invest through the best.

  • Acquisition of assets

    We build and manage your marketplace lending portfolio, outperforming average yields, while saving you significant time and effort.

  • Integrated reporting

    Our cross-platform performance reports, tailored to your needs, ensures you have the information you need without the effort to compile it.

We focus fully on you, the investor. Instead of you accepting the financing needs of companies, you decide yourself for how long you want to invest your money, which level of security you require and how much steady income you want to earn per month.

Dr. Klaus KukovetzInvestment manager at Lending Deposit

Dr. Klaus Kukovetz