Making alternative lending investments safe, simple and flexible.

Alternative Lending

Alternative - or non-bank - lending is an exciting new asset class that offers a number of benefits compared to stock, bond or real-estate investments.

  • Attractive yields

    Attractive yields

    In alternative lending, net yields can be achievable that are comparable with long-term equity and real estate returns.

  • Secure investment

    Secure investment

    A highly diversified alternative lending portfolio will on average be much safer, i.e. show less fluctuation in value, than a portfolio composed of traditional investment assets.

  • Highly flexible

    Highly flexible

    There is a wide range of investment opportunities available, which is why a portfolio can be composed very flexibly to each investor’s own yield, risk, cash-flow and other requirements.

Investment management

We help institutional investors (family offices, pensions funds, insurance companies) benefit from alternative lending opportunities through tailored investment solutions.

  • Short-list of best counter parties

    Based on a continuous, in-depth study of the market and our own investment activity, we have compiled a short-list of the most attractive alternative lending counter parties.

  • Tailored investment strategy

    Independent, unbiased advice helps you define your investment strategy. Our in-depth knowledge of all types of non-bank lending assets ensures you invest through the best counter parties.

  • Optimal acquisition of assets

    We do all the work for you, from contracting and the initial selection of assets to re-investments and cash-flow management.

We focus fully on you, the investor. Instead of you accepting the financing needs of companies, you decide yourself for how long you want to invest your money, which level of security you require and how much steady income you want to earn per month.

Dr. Klaus KukovetzInvestment manager at Lending Deposit

Dr. Klaus Kukovetz