Loans structured as time deposits

At Lending Deposit, we offer our investors attractive interest rates, solid levels of security and different investment options that match their needs.

Highly attractive interest rates

We offer our investors attractive interest rates that depend only on the time you commit your funds. No matter what option you choose there are no fees or commissions for our investors.

Time based interest rates

The longer you decide to invest your money with us, the higher will be your return for the respective time deposit.

All interest payments are done monthly as 1/12 of the annual percentage rate. The full capital repayment is done at maturity of the time deposit.

  • 3 months: 2%
  • 6 months: 2.5%
  • 12 months: 3%
  • 3 years: 4%
  • 5 years: 5%

High asset security

We make a big effort to ensure that your money is safe with us using safety cushions to protect against defaults and a unique diversification strategy.

Secure safety cushion

We invest our own equity, as well as funds lend to us by institutional investors as subordinated loans (loans that are junior to the loans of our time deposit lenders) in marketplace lending assets.

These investments form a safety cushion for our time deposit clients. Should defaults increase to such an extend that our returns are not sufficient to cover them, we are obliged to use our equity and junior lending capital to pay interest and capital to our time deposit lenders.

To guarantee the safety of your investment the risk buffer made out of equity and junior debt, must never drop below 20% of total assets. We report the current safety cushion transparently in our account system to our time deposit account holders.

Diversified loan portfolio

To minimize risk further, we spread our assets on a large number of platforms and within the platforms on a large number of assets. Thus, we strive to earn high returns with minimal risks. We diversify further by investing across currencies, geographies and asset classes.

Full flexibility

Lending Deposit is all about the investor. You can select the time option that is most fitted to your needs and see how the interest rates adapt. Because you invest in an already diversified portfolio you don't have to worry about diversification or spreading your investment over time. Whether you invest a lump sum or instal monthly payments and use Lending Deposit like a savings account it does not matter, all your investments are well diversified and you can choose the loan duration with every time deposit.

Regular income stream

To achieve a regular income stream, simply make a one-off investment and you will get the same amount of interest credited to your Lending Deposit account month after month. You can easily withdraw this interest every month, quarterly, yearly or whenever your preferred threshold is reached.

At the maturity of your time deposit, you can decide whether to reinvest with the same or a different maturity or whether you want to withdraw the whole or a part of your savings to your current account.

Regular savings

You can also use Lending Deposit for an easy, high-interest regular, e.g., monthly, savings plan. Simply instruct your bank through a standing order to send to your Lending Deposit account the sum you can afford to save and enter into time deposits of your preferred maturity.