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Lending Deposit starts offering marketplace lending advisory services

Lending Deposit starts offering marketplace lending advisory services

Online lending advice and portfolio management services for institutional investors

The online lending financier Lending Deposit has launched a new service line. Based on its thorough understanding of the US, UK and continental European online lending markets, it will start offering marketplace lending advisory services to family offices and other institutional investors.

With a value proposition of “making marketplace lending investments safe, simple and flexible”, it will attract more investors to the new asset class of direct loans to small businesses and individuals. So far, many family offices and smaller institutional investors have watched the market grow exponentially but shied away from actual investments due to a lack of understanding of the confusingly large number of platforms, little knowledge of the assets and the hassle of buying relatively small loan participations on an ongoing basis.

Lending Deposit will address all of these issues, by advising its clients regarding their online lending investment strategy, recommending the most suitable platforms and then managing the acquisition of assets. In addition, Lending Deposit will offer integrated performance reports, which summarise the client’s investments across all online lending platforms, currencies, countries and asset types.

For its clients, the result of Lending Deposit’s advice and management service will be similar to the purchase of shares in marketplace lending investment funds with the advantages of a customised strategy, full transparency and control of cash-flows.

Full text of press release also available at the LendIt site, where the news was announced during the LendIt Europe 2015 conference in London

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