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Lending Deposit Votes Remain

Lending Deposit Votes Remain

Vote Remain in the EU

Lending Deposit, with its low risk - high return value proposition to its lenders, is a UK based, European financing company with a global perspective. Our founder’s, staff’s, lenders’ and borrowers’ heritage and residency spans across the UK, continental Europe and beyond.

We have selected London as our principle place of doing business because London is the financial and entrepreneurial capital of Europe and because the UK is part of the European Union. It is a great environment to provide financing to thousands of European consumers and companies. Our core business is to reallocate capital from where it lies wasted to where it is in most demand. By doing so across national borders in an as frictionless way as possible, we manage to maximise value creation for all our stake-holders.

We experience every working day how the free flow of capital, people, goods and services is creating value and opportunities across all participating countries. If the UK left the European Union, there would be costs to carry. These costs, while manageable, would be highly regrettable.

If such costs would be for a greater good, we would happily shoulder them. However, the contrary is the case here. The greater good is European cooperation. The greater good is an integrated union, which has made war between European states, which used to be a reality for our grand-parents’ generation, an impossibility for ours. The greater good is the common tackling of challenges, be it a financial, economic or refugee crisis. The greater good is cooperating together for a bright, shared future.

That is why Lending Deposit votes for the UK to remain part of the European Union.

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