Advice and investment management

Online lending advice and portfolio management services for HNWIs, family offices and other institutional investors. We provide insights and make marketplace lending investments hassle-free.

How we work

We provide advice to define your investment strategy and then assume the responsibility to implement that strategy on a daily basis.

  • Investment strategy

    Independent, unbiased advice helps you define your investment strategy. Our in-depth knowledge of platforms ensures you invest through the best.

    • Investment strategy definition
    • Platform selection
  • Acquisition of assets

    We build and manage your marketplace lending portfolio, outperforming average yields, while saving you significant time and effort.

    • Account opening support
    • Acquisition of assets
  • Integrated reporting

    Our cross-platform performance reports, tailored to your needs, ensures you have the information you need without the effort to compile it.

    • Cash-flow forecast and management
    • Performance reporting

Why not do-it-yourself?

Online lending is a new asset class. Within a few years, thousands of marketplace lending platforms have sprung up across the world. The gems in terms of risk/reward relationships are hidden. Buying loans through platforms is a process that requires daily actions. Here are the three main benefits, by working with an independent adviser:

  • Best platform for your needs

    • We have studied in-depth, often through personal meetings with leading representatives, hundreds of marketplace lending platforms from the US, the UK and continental Europe.
    • This knowledge allows us to recommend to you those platforms, which are best suited to your needs, be this exceptional returns, particularly low risk or specific preferences for currency, regional or sector exposure
  • Outperformance

    • We generate deep insights into the online lending market because we invest our own funds, plus those lent to us
    • This insight helps us invest your own funds in a way, which usually ensures an outperformance of a platform’s average returns
  • Time savings

    • Every platform has their own reporting system. None of them is likely to be in-line with your requirements
    • We capture the data from the platforms you invest in and then transform it in a way that meets your specific reporting requirements, saving you hassle and a lot of time

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