A strong team safeguarding your assets

An experienced marketplace lending investment manager and a highly knowledgable team of finance experts cooperate to produce a highly reliable investment product.

Our team

Our core team is supported by investment advisers and a trusted network of external design, technology and marketing experts.

Core team

The core team’s responsibility lies in designing and executing the investment strategy, as well as in implementing rigorous risk-management processes. The team produces monthly and quarterly performance reports, to be discussed with the investment advisers and audited by Lending Deposit’s auditor.

  • Klaus Kukovetz

    Dr. Klaus Kukovetz

    Investment manager

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    Through his 7 years of working for the financial services practice of McKinsey and Company, Klaus has gained first-hand experience with the credit processes and risk rating models of some of Europe’s largest universal banks.

    • Senior Project Manager with McKinsey & Company
    • Founder Shop plus plus
    • PhD, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • David Rhein

    David Rhein


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    David supports the Investment Manager in executing our investment strategy and compiles the data necessary for Lending Deposit’s monthly financial reports.

    • Studies Global Business at Dublin City University and ESB Reutlingen
    • Business Development Internship at German start-up Regional Markt

Investment Advisers

The Investment Advisers meet with the Investment Manager to review past performance and discuss the short- and medium-term investment strategy. Their main focus lies on identifying potential risks (macroeconomic, maturities, currencies, etc.) and recommending mediation strategies. With their strong industry and/or general finance background, they also help identify new investment opportunities.

  • Matthieu van Harperen

    Matthieu van Harperen

    Investment Advisor

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    As founder and CEO of ECrowd!, a project finance focused marketplace lending platform, Matthieu has a very sound understanding of the peer-to-peer finance industry.

    • Founder, eCrowd!
    • Founder, Solariza Energia
    • Consultant, McKinsey & Company
  • Marcel Beyer

    Marcel Beyer

    Investment Advisor

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    As Regional CEO for Lendico, the European consumer finance debt crowdfunding platform, Marcel brings to our advisory discussions a focus on risk management for our consumer finance portfolio.

    • CEO, Lendico Spain
    • Head BD, Syngenta Iberia
    • MBA, IESE
  • Victor Sunyer

    Victor Sunyer

    Investment Advisor

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    Victor brings to Lending Deposit’s investment advisory committee the perspective from working on large-scale corporate finance deals around Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

    • Director, Delta Partners Corporate Finance
    • Associate Director, UBS Investment Bank
  • Roland Umlauft

    Roland Umlauft

    Investment Advisor

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    Roland supports us in particular in our efforts to analyse our and our clients’ risks, thus ensuring an optimal risk/reward relationship.

    • Independent financial consultant
    • CFO, Hooptap
    • Lecturer in Finance, University of Pompeu Fabra